Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cabmen's Shelter

This was my Final Major Project for my last year at Hertfordshire University. I had to chose a colour and produce either a book or film from this. I chose the colour green and from there I decided to a project about the bright green Cabmen's shelters of London.

These shelters are lovely old cafes for cabbies. They are dotted all around London. There are only 13 left and have been around for over 140 years. They seem to go unnoticed even though they are bright green and stand out. They are still in full use today and you can buy food and drink from them. Only Cabbies are allowed in the shelters which make these even more interesting.

They are lovely things and I loved producing a book about them. For the illustrations I wanted my images to be lose and expressive. I used a one line drawing then went over the line with inks using a pallet knife and glue stick. I wanted the images to be rough just like the shelters themselves because they are so old and seen so much the age adds to them. The surviving 13 have been through two world wars and decades of changing London. They are part of London Heritage and I would love people to know more about them. Also to look around more notice those little things that usually go unnoticed because you could be missing out on gems like these.

Newspaper Project

 For this module I had to produce a newspaper about a subject that interests me and doesn't usually get that much press. I wanted to produce a paper about aliens and alien abductions. I am fascinated about the subject and really wanted to do a project about it.
I went without using line again. I thought by doing this it would lend itself to being reproduced on newspaper because you may lose detail. I also used a limited colour pallet because again it worked with with the media. I really enjoyed this project and producing the work for it.
 I did a story about two American teenagers who got abducted while staying at a summer camp. They were two workers and one night whilst sat next to the lake they saw a UFO in the sky. It danced around the sky and then they saw the beings in the UFO and they then got abducted and tested on. It was a really interesting little story.

Folio Society

I produced these images for the Folio Society. They were for three interior illustrations for different Ghost Stories. I wanted to produce image differently from what I would usually do. I would usually use outlines and pro markers but I din't think that this was the right medium to use. I decided to try out using paints and a pallet knife. I also tried out cutting out images into collagraph card and then saturated the pealed away paper with paint. I think this technique worked well for the brief and it was nice to work in a different way then usual.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Anorak Magazine

 These are my two images that I produced for a self initiated project at  university. For my project I decided to produce a double page spread and front page for the children's magazine Anorak. I also chose a theme of robots because I really like creating new characters and machines.

I really enjoyed this project and really liked being able to produce something for a magazine that I love.

I also really liked producing the front cover and making it look like a blue print.  I also made the double page spread interactive so you had to find the little robots hiding in the image. I think this made it fun and interesting.

Sound Sessions Typography

This is my piece that I produced for the London Print club Sound sessions. I did the typography of the song "No Problem" by chase & Status.

I had to produce an image and because I really enjoying drawing typography I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get to do some type.

I chose the colours blue and orange because I wanted the type to stand out and be vibrant.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

If I were a film

This was another week long project. We had to produce a poster for a film which we did in our style. For this I wanted to produce something like a 1950's B-Movie.

I used rollers and paint to produce the image. I cut out where I had put the paint down and then put the whole thing together on photoshop.

If I were a place

For this project we had to produce a piece of work in our style that also reflected our personality.

I went for a beach scene at night. I produced it without a final image in my head and this is what happened.

We only had a week on this so I think sometimes it's better to produce things without over thinking it makes it more free and there's not as much pressure to get it right.